Ana Popova

“Ana Popova” is a promise given to designer’s father, many years ago, to make his name famous all over the world. This is why the two sisters, Ana and Olga, allied in 2009 into a business affair and named it “Ana Popova”, to keep the given promise. It became their dream, which is coming true everyday of their lives.

Ana is the youngest, and inherited her talent for design and hand-crafting from her mother. Now, Ana is the creative director, responsible for collection’s concept and design, after many years of practice and specialized studies.

Olga is implementing her Marketing and Business Administration skills, leading the company and being responsible for the dream coming true.

It is a family business, that changed sister’s lives and revealed their hidden talents. Look how it's made.

Ana Popova is a Moldovan brand established in 2009 that makes hand-crafted costume and fashion jewellery, focusing on 100% hand-crafted natural textile flowers, beads: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

The collection represents the fruit of Ana Popova’s passion for designer jewellery. Her collections combine distinctive hand-crafted textile ingredients, glass beads, hypoallergenic Antique Bronze pieces all made by skilled craftsmen with many years of traditions.

Always on the look for distinctiveness and innovative textures, Ana Popova designs her gorgeous pieces that emphasizes beauty and catches eyes. “Ana Popova” is a trademark protected by patent.

Brand’s  jewellery is a delicate combination of the Romantic and French Provence styles. Each design features Ana Popova’s signature textile flowers, that brings a strong recognition to her collections. Showing regularly in Paris at Bijorhca and other international fairs, the company is well versed in exporting.

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